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I don’t know if there is such a channel on YouTube – My Fitness Coach, but there are so many videos of different exercises and fitness programs that people can use YouTube as your own personal fitness trainer. So, listen up fitness coaches, here’s an idea for you – give your clients exercise, fitness, and nutrition videos on YouTube.

Make your own YouTube – My Fitness Coach channel. It may be one way to get an advantage on the competition.

Yes, there are thousands (millions?) of exercise videos online, so it is a cluttered and competitive. Plenty of great looking men and women offering exercise advice. Most of them are free, so why would it be valuable to you as a fitness coach to post exercise videos on YouTube?

Making Your Own Channel on YouTube – My Fitness Coach.

As a way to advertise your services, or if you have created a special type of workout, such as P90x or Insanity, you need to post brief examples of your workout or exercises online. YouTube is the principle place people look for these types of videos. They are free and simple to post.

Placing free videos online allows you to get your name out to millions of people. If you only offer fitness coaching services in a local area, it is still beneficial to get your name out across the globe. Making your own channel on YouTube – My Fitness Channel will help label you as an expert in the field.

You can also create videos that are specifically designed to reinforce the concepts and ideas you use in your fitness coaching practice. These videos can be supplemental to the work you do with clients during a session. You can create and post videos offering exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and complete fitness program advice. The more professional they are and the more informative they are, the better.

Your channel on YouTube – My Fitness Coach can be created easily. When you upload a video to YouTube, by default it’s set as a ‘Public’ video, which means that anybody can view it if your videos come up in a keyword search. You can easily change the privacy settings while you are uploading the video in the ‘Privacy Settings’ section. If you have already uploaded the video, you can change the privacy settings by

  1. Going to Video Manager
  2. Clicking on Edit for the specific video you want to change
  3. Use the drop down menu for Privacy Settings
  4. Select Public, Unlisted, or Private
  5. Save changes

You can use these YouTube – My Fitness Coaching videos to offer your clients additional material when they sign up to be your clients. Posting videos to YouTube is not going to make you rich, or even create an additional stream of income, but it will give you an incentive for clients to sign up for your coaching services.

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  1. Karen says:

    I think this is a great idea. More people will get to know you and see what you can do. Youtube is great to promote oneself and one’s business.

  2. Hanna says:

    Wonderful idea, go and create your video now!

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