Please note three things first:

1) I am no longer guaranteeing return of emails sent directly to me. I’m afraid the sheer volume is just unmanageable.

2) Please realize that my assistants and team often get more than 2,000 e-mail per week. This means that we read everything that comes in, but there are times when we cannot respond to each. Thank you for your understanding.

3) I’m not doing one-on-one coaching at this time, unless there is a large budget for it with 3-5 zeroes (before the decimal point). Until the coaching industry stops exploding, this pricing is necessary to reduce the number of inquiries. My sincerest apologies that I cannot do more; I encourage you to pose your questions in comments to the blog readers, check out our free Coaching Blueprint Video Toolkit, or get one of our coaches training products (they deliver tons of the training you’d get one on one from me anyway for pennies on the dollar).


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For any JV, partnership, or business inquiries — Operations / Business Manager, Jackie Altman:, (619) 796-1536

For coaching opportunities — Director of Coach Recruiting, Feryal Allen:

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If you’re interested, contact my mentor coach, Kris Thompson here for a free 15 minute over-the-phone consultation to determine which coach training program is best suited for you.

Let Kris know about your situation and he’ll find out where you are with your coaching business, where you want to take it, and show you how we can help you get there.

If you’re a good match for one of our products or programs, and we still have a spot open in that area, we can get started as early as immediately after your conversation.

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  1. Perkins says:

    I saw that you ha a program for an eight week course that wasn’t just DVD, but I am not sure if you are still offering this program and would like to find out more
    Thanks, Coach Perkins

  2. Jeffrey T. Sooey says:

    Coach Perkins,

    I’ll email you the steps to get the details on that course. We will have one opening very shortly.


  3. Dee says:

    I am interested in submitting articles to the blog, however the link to your Content Contribution Policy is missing. Are you currently accepting articles? If so, may the link be sent to me. Thank you.

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