Life Coach Career Outlook: 3 Fixes to Start Right

life coach career outlook start rightHow do you know what your life coach career outlook will be? Do you watch the economy like a hawk to see if people will purchase your coaching? What about your prospects? Do you hang on their every decision? Perhaps you wonder what your current clients will decide to do tomorrow? Will they re-up for another month?

The fact is that most of the things that life coaches think about, worry about, and stay up late thinking about, do not have any bearing on your life coach career outlook. Most of the things life coaches think about are short term in nature, and actually COST them the long term outlook.

Here are three little-known fixes that will shift your thinking from short term worries to long term success…

Start Coaching And Keep Coaching For Life

Start coaching as soon as possible when you begin your practice. This will help you get used to the act of coaching others and get an idea as to whether or not you really like to coach. You’ll also build confidence and skills much faster. You should be coaching at least 5 people every week. This alone will help improve your life coach career outlook.

After you’ve been coaching for a while, you need to keep doing it. Keep your coaching ‘chops’ together by mentoring people in your organization, doing seminars, trainings, or group coaching (if you haven’t the stomach to do one on one coaching any more!).

Get Clear on Your Niche And Your Expertise

Having a niche and expertise will double your fees and also make it half as challenging to gain clients. When people know that you’re a career expert in the area where they need help, they stop doubting you and they sign up for coaching. Get clear on a niche that needs your specific expertise (or, if needed, develop an expertise FOR a niche). This will double your income as a coach.

The Final Fix For Your Life Coach Career Outlook

Wait to get certified. Certification generally doesn’t help you get clients. It’s more for you and your confidence. The vast majority of coaches that get certified don’t do anything with their certification. Don’t just go to a certification training and think you’re going to get clients. Rather, learn to get clients and coach, go start making money doing it, and then get certified as you build your business. Practicing your coaching skills is much more important than certification.

Follow these three fixes for your life coaching practice and you’ll find things getting much easier (once the abundance kicks in). Just remember that it will take some sacrifices in the short term to receive these long term payoffs for your life coaching career outlook.

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Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog community