Become A Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Keeps Your Client’s Weight Off

When you become a weight loss coach or fitness coach, your long-term goal is to help your client’s keep the weight off.  Your client’s comfort zones drive their behavior on a subconscious level.  Become a weight loss coach who is aware of your clients’ comfort zones.  Your clients may recognize that if they start making healthier choices they will get the weight loss results they want, but they might be out of their comfort zone.  How would a successful fitness coach handle this challenge?

Become a Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Isn’t Satisfied With Short-Term Results


One successful fitness coach told me an interesting story.  It’s about a married woman that wanted to lose weight.  She hired a fitness coach and lost weight, but then she started getting unwanted attention from men other than her husband.  She ended up putting the weight back on.  She wasn’t comfortable with who she became after losing the weight.  Your fitness coach clients will have the similar challenge of having to reinvent themselves to keep the weight off.

Become a Weight Loss Coach (Fitness Coach) That Helps Your Client Reinvent Themselves


When you become a weight loss coach, you need to be aware of your client’s comfort zones.  Your fitness coach clients may not take action because their subconscious mind may prevent them from doing so.  In the story, the person the woman became was out of her comfort zone.  Her comfort zone drove her behavior and she stopped making healthy choices.  When your client steps out of their comfort zone, their instinct will be to step back into their comfort zone.  As a fitness coach, if you can keep them out of their comfort zone long enough, it will become their new identity.  Become a weight loss coach that helps your clients reinvent themselves.  Give all your clients the tools mentally and physically to reinvent their lives forever.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

Wellness Coaching: Become a Weight Loss Coach Who Goes Beyond Motivating Clients to Stick to a ‘Diet’

When I meet with a client for their first session, 9 times out of 10 one of their goals is a wellness coaching issue. Maybe it’s to “become more fit” or “to loose 15 pounds”, but it makes me realize that if someone wants to become a weight loss coach there arw more than enough clients to stay busy. What are the key ingredients to a successful wellness coaching practice, and what is the quickest way to become a weight loss coach?

Wellness Coaching Requires You to Discover the True Needs of Your Client


To become a weight loss coach, you need to find out what your clients really want. They may say that they want to wear a size 6 or weight 120 pounds. It may sound reasonable, and they may be convincing. But what they really want is to fulfill a need or get their needs met at a higher level. As in any other type of wellness coaching, the key is to find out what your clients really ‘need,’ as in certainty, variety, love & connection, or significance.

To Become a Weight Loss Coach You Must Find Out What Has Been Keeping Your Client From Meeting Their Goal


The next step to become a weight loss coach who goes beyond average wellness coaching results is to find out what is keeping your clients from moving toward their goals? More specifically, which needs are your clients afraid of loosing if they achieve their goal.  For example, does losing weight mean they lose love and connection because their peer group or family is overweight and they won’t fit in? Is food the only way they connect with, and nurture themselves? Help your clients clearly see what is keeping them from their goal.

Get to the Point to Provide More than the Average Wellness Coaching


The last key to become a weight loss coach, who does more than provide accountability for diet and exercise, is to let your clients know what the problem is. Go beyond average wellness coaching and get straight to the point. For example, “You’re trying to gain certainty through eating, because you know how you’ll feel if you overeat…which is comfortable and satisfied, yet that’s the only area in your life where you are comfortable and satisfied because you’re not fulfilled in these other areas of your life.”

Before you become a weight loss coach who can really transform your clients’ lives, you’ll need to get some leverage. How will you feel when you achieve your goals? How will you feel if you don’t? What will you miss out on? And what will you gain? Then, use that leverage to empower your clients to move forward using your wellness coaching skills.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

Become a Weight Loss Coach: Life Coach Training Techniques for Transformation That Will Turn Heads


What does it take to become a weight loss coach? The ability to provide accountability? Sure. What about an in-depth knowledge of exercise and nutrition? Those people are a dime a dozen.  If that’s all you offer when you become a weight loss coach, then you’ll have trouble producing results with many of your clients.

Where do I find specific life coach training to become a weight loss coach? If you really want to become a weight loss coach that can help people conquer a lifetime of poor habits, you will need to be able to do more than offer great advice. Otherwise you are just part of the billion dollar industry that makes money from other people’s troubles, without providing results. Here is a little life coach training to get you started.

Become a Weight Loss Coach Who Gets to The Real Issue


If you want to become a weight loss coach who really helps their clients, the life coach training tip is find out what they really want and why. Maybe it’s not really the weight; maybe it’s that they want to feel good about themselves. Maybe they are substituting food for love and connection. Whatever it is that they really want handled, if you start offering solutions at this point, you are no better than the last person who tried to help them.

Life Coach Training Fails to Teach us What Needs Your Client Meets With Food… Become a Weight Loss Coach That Can See This Hidden Drive


Basically to become a weight loss coach who gets results, you are going to need leverage. You need enough life coach training to get your clients to have an intense enough reason to make a change. Ask them what is preventing them from getting what they want. What do they believe and say to themselves about the problem? What needs are not getting met now, and what needs will be met if they change? What needs might not get met anymore if they do change?

Life Coach Training on How to Change Them: How to Become a Weight Loss Coach Who Breaks Through


Now that you know what the real problem is, become a weight loss coach who can annihilate the old pattern and help your clients find an empowering alternative to meet their needs at an even higher level. For example, if a client feels that food is a vehicle to getting love and connection with his family, he might be afraid to change his habits because he is afraid of loosing that connection. An empowering alternative might be realizing that it’s not about the food, it’s about the people. He could even get love and connection at a deeper level by sharing what his goals are and why, or sharing healthier foods.

Become a Weight Loss Coach Who Can Compete With Weight Watchers: Life Coach Training on Community Bonding


A really important step if you are to become a weight loss coach is making sure your clients have support from their peer group. This is one of the reasons Weight Watchers and other programs have some success. Have your clients identify those people who will support them in their new behaviors and identity, or help them find new people who can support them. And all the life coach training won’t help if you don’t come from a perspective of love and respect for your client, and see the person that they are looking to become.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach