Getting a Spiritual Coaching Certification is Not a Religious Experience

Spiritual coaching certification sounds like a certificate attesting to your understanding of religious spirituality. Sounds like you are ready to start coaching Christians or others who believe deeply in their chosen god. However, spirituality does not necessarily mean religious. Being spiritual does not mean you must subscribe to tenets and dogma of one of the well-known religions. Being a spiritual coach does not mean you are coaching religion. What is Spirituality? Sam Harris, a … [Read more...]

Everything You Need to Know About a Wellcoaches Wellness Coaching Certification

Getting a Wellcoaches Wellness Coaching Certification gives you the tools to become a wellness coaching career and be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. Why Wellcoaches? Wellcoaches, founded in 2002, was the first coaching school for health and wellness. They have continued to define the cutting edge of wellness coach training, and to provide the skills and tools for coaches to make an impact in the field. Their training is science based, uses evidence-based … [Read more...]

What is the Columbia Coaching Certification Program?

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program is a coaching program offer through Teachers College at Columbia University. Teachers College, Columbia University was the first graduate school of education in the United States. It is perennially ranked among the nation’s best graduate schools and remains committed to four core areas of expertise: education, leadership, health, and psychology. A Coaching Program in 3 Parts The Columbia Coaching Certification Program consists of three basic … [Read more...]

Corporate Wellness Coaching for Mind and Body

Corporate wellness coaching is one of the hottest trends of the 21st century. As more CEOs and corporate boards realize the benefits of having an in-house wellness coach or coaching staff, the more prevalent corporate wellness programs will be. Physical Wellness The first aspect of corporate health coaching is usually focused on the physical. Learning about proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices are all part of a comprehensive wellness coaching program. The healthier … [Read more...]

Is There a Transformational Coaching Certification?

Can you transform your life with a transformational coaching certification? Can you help transform the lives of others with this type of certification? Where do you find this type of training? Why would you even take this kind of coach training? What is a Transformational Coach? Transformational coaching is very similar to life coaching – they both involve processes that help better improve their lives and better themselves. But, some coaching experts see differences. While life coaching … [Read more...]

Finding the Best Wellness Coaching Certification Programs

Finding the best wellness coaching certification programs is not like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s like finding the right pieces if hay in a haystack. There are plenty of programs out there, but finding the one that fits your needs is the key to success.   The Steps to Finding the Best Wellness Coaching Certification Programs Coaching has become mainstream and, if you are looking for a career that offers independence, personal satisfaction, and financial rewards, then … [Read more...]

Is There a Need for a Volunteer Coaching Certification?

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a volunteer coaching certification, but if there isn’t, it might be something a coaching program should consider. Volunteer coaches are everywhere, especially in youth sports. Having these generous volunteers earn a certification, and learn the skills and knowledge that goes along with being certified can only be a good thing. Finding a Volunteer Coach Training Though I don’t believe there are any designated general volunteer coaching … [Read more...]

Tips Coaching Employees

A Personal Coach Certification Doesn’t Make You a Shrink

When you earn a personal coach certification, you are preparing to hang out your coaching shingle and start helping clients. You are well on your way to a career that can be both personally satisfying and financially rewarding. But, you are not on your way to being a shrink. Coaching is Not Therapy One of the biggest differences between coaching and therapy is that a coach will assume that the client is mentally healthy. Coaching relies on the fact the clients have the foundation of mental … [Read more...]

Certified Life Coach Online Training to Start Your Coaching Career

Certified life coach online training – what do you think about when you see those words together? Most aspiring coaches think about an easy way to get certified training to launch their coaching careers. If you are thinking about coaching, a good place to start is with certified life coach online training. Get Certified Do you need to be certified to be a life coach? No, you don’t. Should you be certified to be a life coach? Definitely, absolutely, positively! Enough said – get trained and … [Read more...]

Will Online Life Coach Certification Give You Everything You Need to be a Life Coach?

Will online life coach certification give you everything you need to become a life coach? Well, online training and certification is becoming more common and the quality has improved tremendously over the past decade or so. In the past, in-person training was probably better, but the times they are a-changing! Welcome to the Digital Age Everything, including coaching, is going digital. You get obtain online life coaching certifications from the comfort of your own home. Many people prefer … [Read more...]