So what’s Your Definition of Coaching?

The ICF’s (International Coaching Federation’s) definition of coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Well I just have to say “God bless ‘em.” But I know that W. Edwards Deming would ask for an operational definition, which is to say a definition which lays out specific operational processes by which it can be determined if the activity has been properly carried out or not. So, let’s … [Read more...]

The Definition of Coaching – 31 Words or Phrases to Define a Coach

Scouring the Internet, you will find many different experts providing their opinion on the definition of coaching. None of them are wrong and almost all of them are right - coaching means different things to different people. The are a million and one definitions of coaching and all of them have some validity. There are also many words or phrases that can be used when composing a definition of coaching. Once again, you may not agree with all of them, and I may not agree with all of them, but … [Read more...]

What is the Definition of Coaching?

Whether you are a potential coach or a potential client, it is good to have a clear definition of coaching. To come up with a good definition of coaching, it helps to know what coaching isn’t. What Coaching Isn’t Coaching isn’t consulting. Consultants often have experience in one specific area and are hired to solve a problem in that certain area. Consulting is specific while coaching can be both general and specific. Consulting is narrow; coaching is broad. Consulting is restricted; coaching … [Read more...]

Can Anyone Tell Me the Definition of Coaching?

My musing on the definition of coaching Can you define what a coach is? When thinking about what the definition of coaching is it got me wondering how did we ever get pegged with the title “coach”? The main picture that comes to mind when I think of a coach is a sports coach. You know, the coach is the loud guy on the side lines yelling out commands to the players... the one who pushes them hard through their workouts... the guy who expects more of his players than they think they are capable … [Read more...]

The Definition of Coaching: The Four Traits of a Master Career Coach

What is the definition of coaching?  Coaching is about results.  Whether you are a career coach, or another type of coach, the definition of coaching is directly related to the results your clients receive and your evolution as a coach. To make the definition of coaching more tangible it is necessary to explain it in terms of the four traits of a master career coach. Career Coach Traits Help to Illustrate the Definition of Coaching 1.  Outstanding results: A master career coach consistently … [Read more...]

Whats the Definition of Coaching: What do I Need to Become a Life Coach?

What’s the definition of coaching and what do you need to become a life coach? According to Wikipedia, the definition of coaching is “A method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills.” But to me, the definition of coaching and what you need to become a life coach is much more than that. Although Nobody is in "Need" to Become a Life Coach, The Definition of Coaching is About Commitment What’s … [Read more...]

Do We Need a Definition of Coaching? NLP Life Coaching Takes the Test

Do we Really Need a Definition of Coaching? One of the problems that the industry of professional life coaching seems to have is an identity crisis.  Wether it's co-active coaching or NLP life coaching, no one seems to know just what the definition of coaching really is.  I was at a party tonight and people were asking me questions when I told them that I ran a coaching company.  They asked things like, "What do you teach?".  "Are you about marketing?".  "Do you motivate people?"  I always knew … [Read more...]