Must You Be Holy to Become a Spiritual Coach?

First, what does it mean to become a spiritual coach? Well, if humans are spiritual beings in physical bodies operating in a material world, and our coaching addresses the whole person then, to some extent, we are all spiritual coaches. Let’s take a closer look at this idea and then get back to that “holiness” business, in a minute.

The Operation Was a Success, but the Patient Died

Like it or not: if you want to be a successful coach you have to take care of the whole person. And again, like it or not, there is more than the superficial going on here. You simply have to open your mind and expand your thinking. This applies if you are talking about business coaching or health coaching or financial coaching. It’s not just the topic. It’s the person. It’s the being.

Spiritual Coaching Is all about Focus

So if we all have to deal with the spiritual side of humanity, what does it mean to become a spiritual coach? Just as there are business topics, and there are health topics, and there are financial topics, there are also spiritual topics. These include our relationships with others, our relationship with our self, and our relationship with that “higher power” that we may sense and which transcends most completely our ever day world. These are very personal and profound connections that impact each of us at the deepest levels, and so they are areas of coaching that can have the greatest impact. And which, as such, must be respected and dealt with, with the greatest sincerity.

To Become a Spiritual Coach Is a Little like Becoming a Doctor.

Yes, to become a spiritual coach is a little like becoming a doctor. You don’t have to have the disease to treat it in your client. And if you have a disease, doesn’t mean that you can’t cure someone with the same disease. In fact, the empathy and insights that you develop may just help. So don’t worry about being “holy.” Worry about being “human” – and if you do, the spirituality of it all will take care of itself.

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To Become a Spiritual Coach or Not?

The phrase ‘become a spiritual coach’ could be threatening, or scary, or not even something you’d want to consider. After all, coaching is about holding your clients accountable, supporting them in moving forward, helping them become successful in their lives. That can be done by using a step by step method that is very straight forward, taking them from point A to point B. Generally the client is expected to reach a tangible result like a new job, more money, a car, etc. Isn’t this enough? How is becoming a spiritual coach any different than ‘regular’ coaching?

If You Become A Spiritual Coach, Who Are Your Clients?

The clients that a spiritual coach works with can be anyone, from the homemaker to the software developer. It’s not so much about who the client is as it is about how I, as the coach approach my clients. My method is based in the understanding that my client is a whole person who is infinitely resourceful and has the answers he needs to find.

Clients and some coaches believe that focusing attention on the strategic result is what matters and is the key to success. However, if satisfaction is gotten only from the having, you may be setting you and your clients up to fall short. The element that’s missing is the greater sense of purpose or direction that gives the achievement of a goal meaning and a sense of fulfillment. This is what the spiritual approach helps the client achieve.

As with all coaching, the client may reject or accept the questions that I ask. When I listen with my heart and inner guidance turned on, my client’s qualities and desires shine through what he thinks he should accomplish.

Here’s What a Spiritual Coach Does

To become a spiritual coach you don’t have to be a guru or religious authority. It’s not about trying to convert someone to a specific spiritual belief; instead a spiritual approach encourages clients to expand their own self awareness and understanding in order to make decisions that will be fulfilling. A spiritual coach honors whatever religious or spiritual practice a client may have.

If you become a spiritual coach it is essential to provide a sacred, safe space for the client by practicing the following

• Pure acceptance
• Confidentiality
• 100% listening
• Connecting at a heart level
• Self responsibility, and expect that the client does the same
• Positive focus

The spiritually based approach helps the client rediscover their core values, true life purpose, and gifts and talents. As I remind the client of their unique core values, their decisions become clearer and effortless, and most of all, fulfilling. It becomes a dance of doing and being with the client, and provides a magical place for my clients to achieve the results they are seeking.

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