Five Secrets You Need To Know When You Become A Parenting Coach

When you become a parenting coach, you will often hear the lament that children don’t come with a handbook. Well, there are lots of parenting books available now, but they don’t offer the personal support that parents want and need to deal with the challenges they face in the demanding bundles of energy that are their children.

What’s the biggest secret to share when you become a parenting coach?


1) When you become a parenting coach, clients will come to you because they want help with their “problem” child or children. In most cases, however, the “problem” is more likely to be the parents. Help them see that the behavior changes they are looking for in their children need to start with their own behavior and focus because, in fact, the biggest secret about successful parenting is that it’s all about the parents.

Other Secrets in the game of parenting


2) Parents need to know that loving their child beyond all reason is not enough. As a coach you provide the insight that the parental mindset about love has to include respectful and consistent discipline. It isn’t about giving in to all the wishes and desires of their children (whether parents can afford it or not), it’s about helping them understand how to behave in the world in acceptable ways.

3) Become a parenting coach who instills confidence. No one does everything “right” all the time. Parents will be better at their job if they stop second guessing themselves. With few exceptions, they are doing their best and they need to know they don’t have to be perfect.

4) Parents should have reasonable expectations. A two year old is not likely to be a tidy eater no matter how much her mother scolds; a thirteen year old is going to want to keep her diary private; siblings aren’t going to “play nicely” all the time. When you become a parenting coach, helping parents to understand what is reasonable will go a long way toward improving parenting skills.

5) Not knowing how to handle anger towards their children might be the reason you have parenting clients. If a very young child is causing the anger, coach the client to understand that his anger is more about his own unreasonable expectations than any fault in the child, and visualize the potential consequences of inappropriate anger. If the child is older, offer alternative ways to handle intense anger. These include using “I” statements like “I see” or “I feel” followed by a description of what the child needs to do, instead of calling the child stupid or selfish or other damaging labels. Another option is to tell the child that they will discuss it when they have both calmed down, and then to walk away. A third option is to coach your client to get into a quiet, thoughtful or quizzical state instead of a loud and angry looking one. This takes practice, but will dramatically change the outcome in an angry situation.

When you become a parenting coach, you become an architect of the future. The ripples of change that you begin will affect many generations to come.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Certified Strategy and Accountability Coach

Become A Life Coach (Or Become A Parenting Coach), Who Teaches Parents How To Help Their Kids Set Goals

Become a parenting coach (or become a life coach) that helps parents teach their kids to be goal setters. When you become a parenting coach, your purpose is to help parents help their children. Part of this must include goal-setting.

All parents want their children to have successful lives. When you become a life coach, you know that helping your clients set goals is fundamental to their success. This is because most adults don’t understand how to set goals and achieve them. How do you become a parenting coach that helps parents learn how to teach their children goal setting? There are three steps to helping young children start setting and achieving goals.

Become A Life Coach: Become A Parenting Coach That Teaches Parents The ABC’s of Goal Setting For Kids


You are able to become a life coach when you can help people get results in their lives. If that’s the case, when are you able to become a parenting coach? When you can teach parents that goal setting for kids is like the ABC’s. The ABC’s of goal setting for kids is the formula “GSA”: Goal, Strategy, Action.

The Secret To Become A Life Coach (Or Become A Parenting Coach) That Gets Results Is “Goal, Strategy, Action”


The formula to become a life coach, or to become a parenting coach, that makes goal setting simple is “goal, strategy, action:”

  • Goal: Ask, what does your client, or the child, want?
  • Strategy: Develop a strategy to get it.
  • Action: Take massive action on a daily basis!

Here’s an example of how this might work:

One parent I know named Debbie had a 10-year-old son. Her son wanted a video game. He was clear on what he wanted (goal), and he asked Debbie to buy the game for him. She wanted to use his goal as an opportunity teach him a valuable lesson, so she had him develop a strategy to purchase the game partly from money he earned. The game was on sale at a certain price, on a certain day. Debbie asked her son what he could do (strategy) to create the money for half of the price of the game and she would pay the rest.

He determined he could wash the car, and he could cut his neighbor’s grass. Just as anyone who wanted to become a life coach would do, he immediately took massive action! First, he washed the car. Then he knocked on all his neighbor’s doors and received permission to cut their grass. Debbie’s son was able to create the money (and get to the store just in time) to get the game he wanted.

Imagine how powerful it would be to become a life coach or become a parenting coach who could make goal setting and achieving so simple. Imagine how valuable it would be to teach these powerful principles to parents. You will feel great knowing you had a part in changing the lives of children, and parents, all over the world!

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

Become a Life Coach Who Makes a Difference for the Future: Become a Parenting Coach Who Is Brave Enough to Take on the Most Challenging Clients

It’s going to take more than some people who want to become a life coach to make an impact on the future of young people. It’s going to take people who are brave enough to become a parenting coach. What’s so tough about deciding to become a parenting coach? The clients of course. It’s not that kids are tough to work with, it’s that the parents are really the ones who need to transform. Unfortunately the parents rarely see that they are the real issue behind their children’s behavior. How can you become a life coach for the right client in this case?

Become a Parenting Coach that Knows How to Find the Real Source of the Issue


You need to become a parenting coach who is brave enough to ask the right questions and get honest answers, or decide that you are just going to become a life coach. When the parent or parents show for their appointment, the first thing you need to do is make a diagnosis of what’s going on. What do they want? And which of their basic needs are driving them to get what they want? What they really want, of course, is to fulfill one or more of the basic needs of significance, love, connection, certainty and variety.

Parenting Coaches Use Some of the Same Techniques They Learned to Become a Life Coach


Next you need to become a parenting coach who finds out what is preventing the parents from getting what they really need. This is the same process you need to go through to become a life coach who really understands what the core issue is. What prevents people from getting what they need is always in the form of a triad. The triad is basically the emotional behavior based on what a person says to themselves, what they focus on and believe, and their body’s posture and physiology.

For example, a parent might go into an angry emotional behavioral pattern in reaction to their child’s behavior, or they might go into a loving emotional behavioral pattern. Most people demonstrate reactive behavior instead of responsive behavior. They don’t realize that they have a choice. When you become a parenting coach you can connect the dots between the parent’s reactive emotional behavior and the child’s emotional behavior. When you can help parents get past their own justifications of why they react a certain way and get to their core issues, you become a life coach for the client who really needs to transform.

Whether You Become a Parenting Coach or Become a Life Coach, You Have the Ability to Change Entire Families


If you can become a parenting coach who gets parents to see that they have the ability to set the emotional tone of their family learning how to respond instead of react, you can transform the dynamics of the entire family. Instead of someone who has become a life coach and affects the life of their client, as a parenting coach you have the ability to transform the entire family by working with even one of the parents.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

Become a Life Coach Who is Committed to Getting Results At All Costs: How to Become a Parenting Coach Who is Hated by Their Own Children

Most people become a life coach because they want to help people, but when you become a parenting coach there will be a large group of people who may actually hate you.  This group is made up of the children and teens of the clients for which you become a parenting coach, and possibly even your own children.  When you become a life coach who is ready to stand on the front lines of relationships, you will the parents you coach will rank their relationship as the greatest priority.  And the truth is, that’s not going to be very popular.

Become a Life Coach that Helps Parents Realize the Kids Can’t Run the Show


The biggest obstacle to become a parenting coach is that parents won’t usually see a problem until they experience a significant amount of pain.  If the kids are happy, isn’t everyone else happy?  As someone who has become a life coach you know better, because if they kids are running the show, there is no certainty in the home.  You can’t take them anywhere, you can’t find a babysitter and leave them with anyone else, and the person you loved and married will become a complete stranger.

When You Become a Parenting Coach it’s Your Responsibility to Help Clients Set Boundaries with Their Kids


But if you can become a parenting coach who can help their clients take a stand on what is acceptable and what isn’t, the entire family can share an amazing life.  Dig into your tool box that you used to become a life coach.  Get the parents on board enough to see that if they are not perceived as a united front, they will not be able to withstand the attacks from their children when they don’t get what they wanted.  Standing firm as allies is the only way out without injury.

So, What are the Basic Steps to Become a Parenting Coach?


Here are the basic steps to become a parenting coach.   First, have your clients establish clear boundaries about what is acceptable and what isn’t.  Next be ready for those boundaries to be tested.  Become a life coach who has helped set up mutual support between the parents for these times.  And finally help your clients set up rewards for positive behavior.

Become a life coach who helps their clients paint a clear picture about what their lives would be like if they lived their lives with healthy boundaries around parenting.  Become a parenting coach who helps your clients recognize the first steps they need to take is establishing expectations for behavior as well as setting aside time for each other.  When the children see their parents as a united, loving front; they will feel safe and secure.  They will still test boundaries, but there will be peace at the end of the day.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

Become a Parenting Coach; and Get Exited About The Potential Salary of a Life Coach

What is a parenting coach? How do you become a parenting coach? What skills do you need to become a parenting coach who is an invaluable resource for your clients? Since the salary of a life coach depends on getting clients, where do you find them? How can you find a steady stream of clients you need to sustain the salary of a life coach so you can coach full time?

The Shot Gun Approach Will ‘Kill’ The Salary of a Life Coach (Avoid When You Become a Parenting Coach)

The first question to ask if you want to become a parenting coach is “who is your ideal client?”  “Parenting Coach” is so general, that few if any potential clients will identify you as their ideal solution. But if you become a parenting coach for adolescent teens with autism, there are people who will say, “This person will be able to help me!” Most coaches try to be everything to everybody, afraid that they will miss out on business. Those who try this shot gun approach often find that the salary of a life coach is not enough to pay the bills. The only way to effectively market is to really know your clients and what they need. If someone outside your niche wants coaching, you are still free to help them.

Thinking About the Salary of a Life Coach?  Become an Expert When You Become a Parenting Coach to Boost It Upwards

After you identify your target market, you will want to become a parenting coach who is perceived as the expert in your niche. The salary of a life coach who is perceived as an expert will be higher than someone who doesn’t specialize. The fastest way to do this is to give lectures and talks to your target group; either live or via teleconference. Most coaches know that this can be effective, but few actually do it. Why? The most common fear is that they don’t feel they know enough. What is the worst thing that can happen? You don’t have the answer? Perfect! You now can ask permission to get back to that person with the information. People will appreciate you and your honesty, and that is the first step of developing a coaching relationship.

Get The Highest Salary of a Life Coach by Becoming a Parenting Coach on The Internet

You can also become a parenting coach who finds clients on the internet. There are lots of ways to do this, and the simplest way is to start conversations on the internet. Find groups to join, or start groups. Blogs are another way to offer information to people searching the web for answers, and in the process get people to know you. Effective marketing and treating coaching as a business is the best way to be happy with the salary of a life coach.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

Become a Parenting Coach

Are you ready to become a parenting Coach?  Coaching courses may help.

Consider what it would be like to become a parenting coach and search out the coaching courses that will help you become certified and specialized.

If you are a coach and haven’t found your niche yet, becoming a parenting coach can be a successful and lucrative area for you. This is a growing area of interest as more and more as parents move from parenting and self help books in search of someone who can help them with their parenting skills step by step.

Why Become a Parenting Coach?

Why is it important to become a parenting coach today and why is it important to seek coaching courses that will help you get there? Because being a parent today is more complex than ever. In many households both pa

rents area required to work long hours finding it difficult to find quality time with their children, keep up with the homework, making sure their children get to where they need to be whether it’s school, classes or hockey practice. Arming your kids with cell phones is a way of keeping track of them but how do you monitor their SMS or internet activity. How do you manage discipline and do you know what their currency is. Can you realistically be there when they need you and do you have enough time to simply take an interest in them as the people they are. To become a parent coach means that you are helping parents develop the skills they need and feel good about it. You help them with their families, bonding, logistics, helping their children cope with the pressures of today and more. To become a parenting coach, seek out coaching courses that offer specialized coaching skills like family assessment skills, group dynamics, and conflict resolution. There are several good organizations offering coaching courses to teach you how to become a parenting coach. Look for those offering a comprehensive curriculum, easy access and tools to develop and enhance your skills.

Ellen Smith

JTS Advisors Accountability/Strategy Coach