Five Secrets You Need To Know When You Become A Parenting Coach

When you become a parenting coach, you will often hear the lament that children don’t come with a handbook. Well, there are lots of parenting books available now, but they don’t offer the personal support that parents want and need to deal with the challenges they face in the demanding bundles of energy that are their children. What’s the biggest secret to share when you become a parenting coach? . 1) When you become a parenting coach, clients will come to you because they want help with … [Read more...]

Become A Life Coach (Or Become A Parenting Coach), Who Teaches Parents How To Help Their Kids Set Goals

Become a parenting coach (or become a life coach) that helps parents teach their kids to be goal setters. When you become a parenting coach, your purpose is to help parents help their children. Part of this must include goal-setting. All parents want their children to have successful lives. When you become a life coach, you know that helping your clients set goals is fundamental to their success. This is because most adults don’t understand how to set goals and achieve them. How do you … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Who Makes a Difference for the Future: Become a Parenting Coach Who Is Brave Enough to Take on the Most Challenging Clients

It’s going to take more than some people who want to become a life coach to make an impact on the future of young people. It’s going to take people who are brave enough to become a parenting coach. What’s so tough about deciding to become a parenting coach? The clients of course. It’s not that kids are tough to work with, it’s that the parents are really the ones who need to transform. Unfortunately the parents rarely see that they are the real issue behind their children’s behavior. How … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Who is Committed to Getting Results At All Costs: How to Become a Parenting Coach Who is Hated by Their Own Children

Most people become a life coach because they want to help people, but when you become a parenting coach there will be a large group of people who may actually hate you.  This group is made up of the children and teens of the clients for which you become a parenting coach, and possibly even your own children.  When you become a life coach who is ready to stand on the front lines of relationships, you will the parents you coach will rank their relationship as the greatest priority.  And the truth … [Read more...]

Become a Parenting Coach; and Get Exited About The Potential Salary of a Life Coach

What is a parenting coach? How do you become a parenting coach? What skills do you need to become a parenting coach who is an invaluable resource for your clients? Since the salary of a life coach depends on getting clients, where do you find them? How can you find a steady stream of clients you need to sustain the salary of a life coach so you can coach full time? The Shot Gun Approach Will 'Kill' The Salary of a Life Coach (Avoid When You Become a Parenting Coach) The first question to … [Read more...]

Become a Parenting Coach

Are you ready to become a parenting Coach?  Coaching courses may help. Consider what it would be like to become a parenting coach and search out the coaching courses that will help you become certified and specialized. If you are a coach and haven’t found your niche yet, becoming a parenting coach can be a successful and lucrative area for you. This is a growing area of interest as more and more as parents move from parenting and self help books in search of someone who can help them with … [Read more...]