5 Surefire Coaching Techniques for PFTS (Profits)

You can create a prosperous coaching practice by identifying successful coaching techniques for pfts (profits). You coach because you love it, but the only way to stay in business as a coach is to make some money. To earn income, it is essential to start looking for new coaching techniques for PFTS as soon as you hang out your coaching shingle and open you door to clients. If you don’t, no one will be coming through that open door!

5 Surefire Coaching Techniques for PFTS (Profits)

Here are 5 absolutely, incredibly surefire techniques to bring in the clients and the dough. All hyperbole aside, these coaching techniques for PFTS work.

  1. Get online and get it right. Most coaching websites are all about the coach. Hey – look at me, this is who I am, this is how great I am, this is what I can do for you. Instead, you should create a website that is as much about the clients as possible. There is no doubt that you need some basic information about you – your background, education, experience, and certifications. However, there should also be plenty of information about issues that are pertinent to your coaching field. Give potential clients some questions and answers on your site. Make it information and not just promotional, and potential clients will see value in your website…and in your coaching practice.
  2. Expand your online presence. Online business is here to stay and it’s not going away unless someone invents another completely unique informational technology – planting computer chips in our brains? As a coach, you need to use every corner of the Internet and use it well. Learn social media – Facebook, Twitter, and all the others. When a new social media pops up, be one of the first ones on it. Learn to blog and write articles, or have someone do it for you. Online techniques for PFTS are abundant – learn to use as many as you can.
  3. Use video and audio to promote. The more senses you can involve and stimulate, the better. Why do grocery or large warehouse stores have people cooking and offering free samples instead of just having someone standing there holding the product box? Because it involves more senses – you smell, taste and hear about the food, and see the product’s packaging. In coaching, you can’t make them smell the product (well, hopefully not) and you cannot have them taste it, but you can stimulate both their sense of sight and hearing. Offering video and written word promotional samples gets them to see who you are as a coach, and offering audio information, gets them to hear it.
  4. Find a niche. There are so many segments in the coaching that it can be somewhat daunting to find your place in the coaching world. Do you go big and select a broad definition, such as life coach, career coach, or wellness coach? Or, so you go smaller and look at things from a microcosmic perspective? Be an executive coach for women, a life coach for recovering addicts, a wellness coach for diabetes patients – these are all narrower niches which may offer less competition and the chance to define yourself as an expert with the right education, training, and experience.
  5. Enjoy! The last one is easy – enjoy your work. Your love, passion, and enjoyment will be one of your biggest selling points. If you love coaching, let it show and your clients will definitely see it! PFTS (profits) will follow!

Listen up, coaches – you have to start earning some cold hard cash if you want to make it as a coach. Your dedication, your passion, and your selfless desire to help people won’t mean a thing if you cannot start bringing in clients and making some money. Try these five surefire coaching techniques for PFTS and see how much profits begin to skyrocket.

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